A Seminar on the Story of the Bible (5 parts)

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Welcome to the seminar on the Story of the Bible.

For years we have been trying to fully grasp what is the story in the Bible from creation to the new heaven and the new earth. How did the salvation of man and creation go about from the time man sinned up to today? We know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has come and brought salvation to the world and yet he talks of the final judgment and what would happen to those who are obedient to Him. There are more events to come and questions to be answered. These things are already written in the Bible - in fact it is said if you want to have a story where the good guys win and the bad guys lose and are punished, the Bible is it.

So here is an attempt to tell the story of salvation in a simple and straightforward manner without losing the full meaning of what God wants us to know and fully appreciate. It is quite a liberating experience to realize that we are on the winning side and we hope that by reading these pages (divided into five (5) main parts) you will appreciate and make the following decision(s):

1 Love and appreciate God for what He has done for us, specially His love for us, but to also understand His perfect justice.

2 Recognize that the Lord Jesus Christ is God and that He is the only Savior and way to heaven.

3 Accept Jesus as Savior and Lord in order to have that privilege - this privilege is only available while we are still alive on this earth, once you are dead - no more chance.

4 Realize that God loves us and does not want us to suffer in this world or in the world to come. He wants us to have an abundant life by being connected to Him.

5 Love our neighbors as ourselves (if you are married, wife is number one).

This seminar is presented in a slide presentation format with interspersed comments and explanations (including the authors' which are quite a lot... sorry, author's license, we already asked for the Lord's forgiveness). All passages are taken from the NIV Bible.

So we hope you will be able to appreciate God in this presentation and to realize how wonderful it is to know that He loves us.

God bless you all.

Drs. Louie and Edna Llido