A Seminar on the Story of the Bible - Part 2 (of 5 parts)


PART 2: From Abraham to the Return of the Jews from Exile

Part 2B: From Joshua to the return of the Jews from exile

There is one person lacking here - Moses.

Who stands to lead the Israelites across the Jordan river? Joshua.


The moment the Israelites stepped on the flooded banks of the Jordan river, the waters receded and the river bed became dry. What happened? Up north in the town of Adam, the river was blocked by the Lord. How? Some extra-biblical source said a landslide.

What stands in the middle of the Jordan river? The ark of the covenant.

The first thing God provided when the Israelites crossed the promised land was a miracle.


The next miracle given by the Lord was when the Israelites took the city of Jericho by following every command of the Lord. They circled the city in silence once a day for six days then shouted at the top of their voices after circling the city seven times on the seventh day. There were seven priests carrying trumpets which they blew on the 7th circle on the seventh day. Then the walls collapsed. There has to be an explanation for this. Incredible.


The period of conquest of the promised land was a testimony of the obedience of the second generation of Israelites. They were not perfect, but they were able to accomplish most of what the Lord commanded them to do.


The secret to success? SERVE THE LORD AND OBEY HIM. This is now our step by step storyline.



The Joshua-led generation did good. Will the next generation follow?

Let us pause and ask ourselves this question: If you are a first generation Christian, are you sure your children, who are the second generation, will follow what you are teaching and showing through your lives?

If you are not sure - learn from the Judges generation



Judges 21:25 is the saddest commentary we have of God's "chosen people". There was no consistent leader and it is during times like this that we sometimes forget God is there. And life just gets to be in shambles.


We can see that the time of the judges stretched for 300 years and one would seem to conclude this people had a problem. Did God's plan of salvation stop working in this generation?




Saul's height and good looks make him look impressive as a king, but in the course of time he revealed character weaknesses and flaws the foremost of which is DISOBEDIENCE and inability to follow instructions well. These became his undoing and God rejected him.

David is the man after God's own heart. He was imperfect but he loved the Lord and God was pleased with him. Hopefully we too could follow his example and love God inspite of our imperfections.


Solomon had a great promise, but in the end did he do well?

The temple of the Lord had its best construction ever during the time of Solomon. Did it last?



These words of the Lord should wake us up - there is no permanent position for those who will disobey the Lord.


Solomon's undoing? Women. Samson's undoing? Delilah. Adam's undoing? Eve. In the end of his term Solomon's heart was not as pure as his father, David, and he failed. His wives made him turn to worship other gods. The most intelligent man in his time did this - sad.

The temple was destroyed to rubble in the near future.

If you are in the twilight phase of your life - do not let your heart go astray. Keep it for the Lord and you will conquer defeat.


Out of the 12 tribes - only one will be left to Solomon: the tribe of Judah, the tribe from where Jesus would come.



Solomon started well but finished so-so. Some say the crowning glory of a father is his son. Rehoboam, Solomon's son, did not follow his father's footsteps and the kingdom divided under his watch. Are your children following your example? Is it a good or bad example?


The summary below shows how the kingdom was split into two. Then both in the end were destroyed despite the presence of good kings in the southern kingdom of Judah.


The time of the kingdom was blessed with prophets who God spoke to regarding warnings and blessings. Did the kings and the people listen? Yes and no, then they were gone. Exiled as God had spoken because they disobeyed. How long did the rule of the kings lasted? Around 530 years.


The prophecies ranged from the short term to the long term outcomes of the Israelites. Their neighbors were also affected and that included future events.


Then God reassures man of His commitment to bring salvation to them even as far back as the time of David (through the Psalms) to the prophet Isaiah, Daniel and Micah.


Check our step by step storyline - God's promise still stands.



Then our focus is turned on the tribe of Judah - it may just be one tribe, but it is from this one where salvation comes as Jesus mentioned to the Samaritan woman (John 4:22)

When Daniel and his friends were deported to Babylon they faced cultural, religious and personal trials. Out of these trials came one gem of an incident which gave me confirmation that my travel in the road of clinical nutrition has value.

I believe the oldest prospective controlled trial in clinical nutrition ever recorded is in the Bible. Read this and be enlightened - the Bible is scientifically objective.


The outcome was in favor of Daniel and they showed that vegetables and water are much better than the King's food. Impressive.

Then at this point of man's timeline God showed Nebuchadnezzar the different kingdom eras that will fill the whole history of man from Nebuchadnezzar's empire to the final Millenial kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Daniel was given the privilege of seeing all these - he has to be special in God's eyes and I believe his character and strength of focus on God made all the difference in experiencing events that only extraordinary men can have.


What do I mean? The following are testimonies of kings and rulers of empires that were influenced by the life of Daniel. Let us start with King Nebuchadnezzar who became a believer in the God of Daniel who he called "The Most High God". He is the head of gold in the dream.



Second: Cyrus the Persian who represents the chest and arms of silver wrote the edict to allow the Jews to go home to Israel (537BC). Who was there to give him advice on the fate of the Jews? Daniel - he knows the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Third: Darius the Great who also represents the chest and arms of silver. Imagine this awesome king's giving homage to the God of Daniel who he ascribes as the "Living God".


So after the exile to Babylon for 70 years as prophesied by Jeremiah the Jews were allowed to go back to Judah. God then acted on that exact time to make these things happen:


Have you ever wondered what happened to Daniel? After serving three kings his stature would be of such importance that great honor would be bestowed on him after his death. And indeed it was great. Daniel's Tomb is widely accepted to be located at Susa, Iran. These pictures show the outside and inside of the tomb. Even today his tomb is revered by both Iranian Muslims and Jews. (http://historicaliran.blogspot.com/2010/09/tomb-of-daniel.html)


How many years from the time Nehemiah built the walls of Jerusalem to the birth of jesus? Around 400 years. Then the stage is now set for the coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Now let us go to the CENTRAL POINT of this Seminar of the Bible - Part 3.