A Seminar on the Story of the Bible - Part 1 (of 5 parts)


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PART 1: From creation to the spread of man over all the earth

Part 1B: From the Flood to the spread of man once again over the whole earth

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If you will notice the story is very detailed - God, through Noah, is driving home the point that this EVENT IS VERY REAL, not a third person narration, no - a first hand experience.

If we start our timeline, this is how it looks up to this point of the Bible story.

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These are the remains of the flood's aftermath

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These massive changes in land forms tell of a violent upheaval and the deaths of these large animals with their bone preservation into stone show a sudden death for which there was no time for bacterial decomposition to occur. These are further shown in this land area in Utah called "Fossil Butte". Here there is a collection of fossils which show sudden deaths and their being placed in "mass graves" all indicative of the Great Flood.

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Note the ingested fish has not yet been digested.

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These fossil finds in the "roof of the world" tell us of the worldwide flood where the whole earth was covered by water.

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Again the geologic record theorists insist these findings above are all signs of a gradual placement of time directed soil layers which took millions of years to happen. For them a one year change in the surface of planet earth is unthinkable and unacceptable - a product of a deluded mind. However new observations show there was only one layer in the Grand Canyon area - somebody was not counting!

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Then here comes Nick Lane who thought of the idea that a series of ice ages occured billions of years ago and guess what - the scientific community believed him, they even gave him a medal. Who is telling the real truth here? As if they are telling the whole world that God is a liar, indicating that there is a worldwide movement to discredit the Bible because it destroys their "nice evolutionary theories".

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We are not friends with the animals anymore - they dread/fear us except for the domestic ones

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We can now eat everything - plants and animals (no more restrictions)

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Then a recent upheaval in the history of American education occured - the Bible is now banned from the public elementary school and replaced by the mandatory teaching of "evolution" to every school child. Mama Mia! The truth is now replaced by the great lie! Who was responsible? Eugenie Scott, an anthropologist, who organized the "National Center for Science Education". She calls herself a "non-theist (=Atheist). Through a small but powerful group they were able to lobby and get away with this single minded goal of removing God's word from the schools - I believe this is the spirit of the Antichrist at work. In this screen shot you will see the article trying to debunk the truth about Noah's ark - it is "impossible". It is published in a journal called "Creation/Evolution Journal". I hope you will be able to perceive the lie of the serpent spoken to Eve in the garden, yes same old technique and again men fell for it once again, sad. The bottomline? People dont read the Bible anymore, maybe occasionally on Sundays or in funeral services.

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What is great with God's creation is this - the truth always comes out. The reality of the flood is imbedded even in the language of man - this time in the Chinese art of calligraphy

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Pictures of the flood story are minted in ancient coins

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But what stands strong and resolute is the genealogical record in the Book of Genesis which represents the different families which grew and died from the start of man's existence and persists up to today.

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So who wrote the Book of Genesis? From the several representatives of the different generations that passed along in time. The Bible is a very reliable book of records - it is not handed down by oral traditions, no it is handed down as written records.

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So the repopulation of the earth started from the Mt. Ararat region which is currently in the very dangerous part of Turkey, Iran, Armenia and Iraq (=land of the Kurds, very warlike people).

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This is the general concluding statement of how the world was repopulated from the main sources, which are Noah's sons: Shem, Ham, Japheth.

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But before this final conclusion came, again the sinful nature had its impact in man's decision making - the next generation decided to disobey God and stayed in one area - the great land of "Shinar". This is the land area in southern Turkey, Northern Mesopotamia and northern Syria.

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They had a leader in Nimrod, one of the descendants of Ham. This guy has issues against God and these are more or less expressed in the old Mesopotamian literature called "Epic of Gilgamesh". The story is - Gilgamesh wants to build a tower to go up to the heavens to kill God who was responsible for the great flood and the "murder of all men". Apparently the blood of Cain runs in the veins of this person - and it showed when he started to build cities.

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These are more or less the representations of Nimrod and his accomplishments - not bad at all.

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But the people forgot their "marching orders" so who came to intervene? God. It just took a simple rearrangement of man's ability to speak and understand (=communication) and the result = Babel. So everyone who had the same language went away to distance themselves from those who they did not understand. The great migrations finally were underway.

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So let us start with Shem. How did it go with his family?

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How about the descendants of Ham?

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Japheth tops them all: he is the most prolific and that includes his descendants. Moreover they are the most adventurous and were the ones who spread throughout the whole earth. Filipinos come from the line of Japheth and it also means that the Chinese and Japanese are our cousins (sorry guys, but it seems to be the fact of life that those you dont like are actually your relatives). So let us see what happens to Japheth's descendants:

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The most beautiful woman in the world (=my wife) stands in front of these huge stone arrangements which are found in England. These are the remnants of the culture left behind by the descendants of Japheth as they traveled to these parts, some stayed to dwell and built these structures, while others went to cross the big sea and reach the Americas. The stonehenge does not come close to the quality of the structures at Gobekli-Tepe, however, but the designs are similar and technologically advanced.

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Now we see how the whole world was repopulated and it was not a slow one - it was at a steady constant pace. But what makes me amazed was this group of ancient Egyptian writings found in Sydney, Australia - the Egyptians were already travelling throughout the world in their ships! @1780 BC and onwards? Come on, was this a fluke? No - the name of the leader was "Lord Djes-Eb" and he had relations with Pharaoh Radjedef, who was the son of Pharaoh Khufu with whom Joseph of the Bible had contact. Joseph was known to the Egyptians as "Lord Imhotep", the architect and builder of the first pyramid of Egypt.

(See Egyptian timeline based on the biblical timeline)

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When this Egyptian boat was found close to the pyramid of Khufu it became clear that sea travel going to far continents was part of this Pharaoh dynasty's ambitions. Travel was extensive during those times and how the Australian aborigines came to their continent is now clear - migration through land and water (=Japheth's line).

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To summarize we can see that the rise of civilizations throughout the whole world fits the pattern and time gaps of the migrations of the three lines of Noah's family. We can see that the far east and the americas were quite far and this factor is the reason why the development/rise of their kingdoms is quite recent.

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The rise of civilizations from the start at Asia Minor to the more recent ones in Asia and Americas is shown in this figure.

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A recent attempt to demonstrate the ability of man to cross the huge sea using papyrus as the main material was successfully done in the Pacific by Thor Heyerdahl on his craft which he called "Kon-Tiki".

The bottom line? Crossing huge expanses of land and sea was not a problem with our ancestors. All evidence show it.

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So to show our step by step storyline we see here the flow of the Bible story from creation, to the flood to the repopulation of the world.

We see how God created the whole earth and its inhabitants including the whole universe and we also see how He wiped out the earth through a huge worldwide flood because of sin and the influence of the fallen angels.

Yet his love for His creation (especially man) continues to be manifested with His promise of salvation through the seed of the woman and the final punishment of Satan for introducing sin to the whole of God's creation. Now the world is repopulated with some new adjustments due to the new set up, thus we are now ready to go to the next chapter of the Bible Story.

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