A Seminar on the Story of the Bible - Part 1 (of 5 parts)


PART 1: From creation to the spread of man over all the earth

Part 1A: From Creation to the Flood

(Part 1B: From the Flood to the spread of man over the whole world)

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This seminar is in 5 main parts and the main references are listed below:

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The Bible Story is divided into five parts to show the main events that happened or will happen to all of us from creation to the coming of the new heaven and the new earth.

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Let us start with Part 1 where God created the heavens and the earth

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The main source of Part 1 is the Old Testament mainly the Book of Genesis

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So let us start . . .

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Then this quirk in the field of science came up which is in direct opposition to the declaration of God in the Bible - that He created the heavens and the earth in 6 days then He rested on the seventh day. It is the "Geologic Record Theory" which was hatched in the early 20th century by minds of men who thought they have entered the "Age of Enlightenment"

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It was actually the start of the "Dark Ages of the Bible" when men started to prefer "the human mind and reasoning" as well as the "scientific method" over the truth in the Bible. (=Romans 1: 18-32). Imagine Adam Sedgwick and Rod Murchison (=1870's) say the earth was 542 million years old in direct opposition to what God said that the earth and man was created in only three (3) days

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The Bible also declares that man was created in God's image. After God breathed into him there he was out from the ground, alive - a fully grown man. Whoever had the idea that man came from the apes? Thomas Huxley (1860's)? Charles Darwin (1850's)? With the theory of evolution an ape turning to a human would require millions of years - and everyone is still looking for the "missing link"! Mama mia!

It also states that God created man as male and female - there is NO third sex (="bading"); God cannot be wrong in contrast to what we are hearing today (=Satan's lies). So why are the homosexuals proliferating today like flies? Have they not read the Book of Genesis? Did their parents or teachers teach the Bible? Apparently the letter of Paul to the Romans (=Romans 1: 18-32) was not read, emphasized, or fell on deaf ears.

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And God blessed His creation - it was "very good"; the only "not good"? - man being alone without a "suitable helper". AND There is only one act for man "NOT TO DO" while in the Garden.

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Marriage was instituted before the fall - God created it, thus you are not okay if you separate/divorce your wife. God will not be pleased with it. So stick to your wife and love her outrageously!

To reiterate, God declared "It is not good for a man to be alone - he needs a suitable helper", that is why God made woman.

If we make a single slide presentation of the Bible Story it would look like this in the beginning. After creation everything was as white as snow - holy.

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Then the human drama begins.

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But wait - before we point accusing fingers to Eve for causing the fall of mankind, LET US REMEMBER THAT IT WAS TO ADAM that God gave the caution "NOT TO EAT from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" (Genesis 2:17). Eve was not yet created then. It was Adam's responsibility to let her know and make sure she followed the command.

Things started to spin out of control for Adam

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God loves us so much because after the curse was pronounced to man and the serpent - the promise of salvation was immediately given. So much for those who say God is so unfair - I believe we are the ones who are unfair due to the narrowness of our minds.

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So here is our step by step storyline.

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For some it may not look much, but since that day up to today man is still under the influence of Satan. Under Satan and his minions even creation turned violent. Look at the T-Rex - its original design for food is as a plant eater, what do you see in those dinosaur bones? Huge teeth to tear out flesh. When the sons of God left their abode and mated with the daughters of men what came out? Giants (=Nephilim) and heroes of old!

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Cain's line is very intelligent and innovative.

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The Bible clearly records and tells us that there is no such thing as stone age, bronze age and iron age - instead they simultaneously manifested - man is very intelligent, truly created in God's image. Should we be happy with this knowledge? For me I would - I would be angry if I were told my ancestor was an ape although sometimes they look and act like one.

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This slide takes center stage for me. I work in the area of clinical nutrition and when we submitted our work to international journals like this one (New England Journal of Medicine) we get rejected most of the time due to issues of evidence. However when I read this article which based all its discussions on the theory of evolution I could not help but question and be amazed at how error got into the so-called "scientific and intellectual" circles. These people did not even check their facts! (= three publications) Do they ever read the Bible? So today I would rather put my "stock" in the Bible everywhere, anytime.

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Do you know what happened to this area shown by Google nowadays? It is darkened, you cant see these features anymore. Apparentlty someone important complained.

What is the common denominator of these structures? They are all underwater!

Main question: Are these pre-flood structures? Apparently YES.

The next slide shows the excavations at Gobekli-Tepe which is located around 20 miles north from Ur (=Sanliurfa), Abraham's birthplace. Note it is in southern Turkey just below the area where Noah's ark landed. It is now considered older than the pyramids of Egypt and if one gets the timeline based on the Bible you will note the full agreement between the Bible and archeology - National Geography and Discovery are way "off course" with their presentations. The quality of these workmanships are much advanced compared to the Stonehenge of England. (View Timeline of Egypt based on the biblical record)

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Going back to the Bible story - did man improve?

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Note the line of Seth (=from whom people started to call on the name of the Lord) - this is where the Messiah will come from. Were they able to influence the descendants of Cain? Apparently not because at the end, before the flood was unleashed, only one man and his family found favor with God - Noah.

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This situation finds parallel in Greek Mythology - gods interfering in the affairs of men especially Zeus - what a "dirty old man"! (Also note the parallel with Noah and his three sons - someone was making stories i.e. the mythologies I mean in those good very old days)

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Most scholars believe the measurement in cubits was based on the "Egyptian long cubit" since at this time of writing there was still no "Hebrew cubit". The earliest civilizations used the long cubit like the measurement of Solomon's temple (2 Chronicles 3:3 and Ezekiel 43:13)

If you listen to National Geographic or Discovery channel you will be told that the ark has not yet been found and it is still lying somewhere on the Mt. Ararat volcano. Apparently not, said Mr. Ron Wyatt (1933-1999) who saw this formation in Uzengili, Turkey made some investigations and concluded this is the real ark since it fits all dimensions described in the Bible and the surrounding areas and other indirect findings suggest so. Of course there are objections. I think this is the real one (as if my opinion matters :-).

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If we revisit our step by step storyline, this is now the progress of the bible story.

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At this point we will stop and go to the story of the Great Flood which is the second part of Part 1

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