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Peer Review Workshop

Fluid and electrolytes review (pdf)

Fluids/Resuscitation (pdf)

PCS 2014 (pdf)

Critical Care Nutrition August 2017 (pdf)

Handbook on Critical Care and Surgical Nutrition: CORRECTIONS

Handbook on Critical Care and Surgical Nutrition: AUTHORS

PCS Critical Care Committee: Malnutrition in Surgery lecture (pdf)

PSGS Review 2018 (pdf)

PSGS Review 2019

Main Page

The Gospel: why we need it - why is it so important to be a Christian?

The Bible story from Genesis to Revelation (php format): A 5-Part Seminar

Timeline: From Creation to Today (html) || Explanatory notes for the timeline || (pdf file, 1.22MB)

The Egyptian Timeline (html)

Paul's Timeline (html)

MSCN (Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition) Main Page

Clinical Nutrition Service - SLMC

PediatrIc Clinical Nutrition Program - SLMC


APCN 2014, Thailand - ARDS lecture (pdf)

Nutrition and the Bible (Philspen 2014 - lecture)

Gut function and metabolic updates - Dr. Vince Yabut

Glutamine Lecture (just wait to download - it will open or click on the name at the download button)

Handbook in Critical Care and Surgical Nutrition

Hospital Christian Medical Ministry

Across the Sea by Alipio C. Llido Jr.

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